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CodaBow Diamond NX Cello Bow


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CodaBow Diamond NX Cello Bow

CodaBow Diamond NX Cello Bow is an octagonal graphite diamond weave with a blended kevlar core. The graphite fibers are masterfully woven in our trademark pattern. The naturally elegant innovation achieves the high-sought balance between strength and flexibility. The Kevlar Acoustic Core increases power while still offering the natural sensitivity and the organic tone of premium pernambuco. The slide is natural carbon fiber, matched by a Coda inlay in place of an eye on the frog. The frog is made of Xebony, which is the world’s only engineered alternative to ebony. Xebony offers a durable and attractive solution to the world’s threatened supply of ebony. Comprised of natural fibers and resin, Xebony boasts a deep, rich luster and natural feel that impresses players and makers alike. The fittings are nickel silver. The CodaBow Diamond NX Cello Bow has a silver plated winding and a Moroccan leather grip. The tip plate is a fiber reinforced composite tip plate, which is a formulation of high-strength fibers and impact resistant resin.

Product Features:

  • Shape: Octagonal
  • Wood: Graphite diamond weave with blended kevlar core
  • Slide: Natural carbon fiber
  • Eye: Coda inlay
  • Frog: Xebony
  • Ferrule & heel plate: Nickel silver
  • Winding: Silver plated
  • Grip: Moroccan leather
  • Tip: Fiber reinforced composite

We encourage you to try the bow out in our studio here at Keller Strings if possible!  Since bows sound different on each instrument, we recommend bringing the instrument as well. Keller Strings is located near the intersection of St. Charles and S. Carrollton, in the Riverbend area.  Our address is 8209 Hampson St, New Orleans 70118.

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