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Core Academy A43 Upright Bass

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Product Description

Core Academy A43 Upright Bass

Core Academy A43 Upright Bass is a classic student quality bass from Howard Core. As a hybrid bass, the top is carved spruce, and the back and sides are laminated. The fingerboard, nut, and saddle are all ebony. The Core Academy A43 has inlaid purfling. It has a maple bridge with height-adjusting wheels, and steel strings.

From Howard Core about their Core Academy Series:

Get the best of both worlds with the durability of laminated maple back and sides, and the improved acoustic response of a solid carved spruce top. The A43 “hybrid” model features both! The laminated back and sides are especially sturdy in school settings and drier climates, while the carved spruce top gives players a wider range of tone and expression.” 

Product Features:

  • Bass only
  • Better student quality bass
  • Hybrid
    • Carved spruce top
    • Laminated back and sides
  • Ebony fingerboard, nut, and saddle
  • Inlaid purfling
  • Tuning machines
  • Maple bridge with height-adjusting wheels
  • Steel strings
  • 3/4 size

Come by and try the bass out in our studio here at Keller Strings!  Keller Strings is located near the intersection of St. Charles and S. Carrollton, in the Riverbend area.  Our address is 8209 Hampson St, New Orleans 70118.

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