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Endeavor Carbon Fiber Violin LR Baggs Pickup

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Endeavor Carbon Fiber Violin LR Baggs Pickup

The Endeavor Carbon Fiber Violin with LR Baggs Pickup is a slightly used violin from 2018. The violin has been recently fit with and LR Baggs Bridge and Carpenter Jack. This Carbon Fiber violin’s superior responsiveness, and excellent tonal quality make it a perfect violin for players at every level. It is also the PERFECT Performance Violin. At the same time, the advanced acoustic carbon fiber material eliminates the worry of damage that traditional wooden instruments experience from rapidly changing or stressful environmental conditions. Fine layers of carbon fiber arranged in just the right way provide superior resonance and enhanced responsiveness. We like the pleasing, powerful sound, that encourages players at every skill level to explore their potential and improve their technique. Many players tell us that this instrument sounds and feels like a fine wooden instrument that easily gives back what the player wants—feelings, emotions, warmth, and expression with excellent dynamic range. This violin was fit with Ebony Perfection Pegs, ensuring that tuning is a breeze. It has recently been fit with the LR Baggs bridge/carpenter jack pickup system. The Endeavor is available in a 4/4 size.

Product Features:

  • Carbon Fiber violin by Gatchell Innovations
  • Advanced Carbon Fiber acoustic material
  • Performance Ready
  • Slightly Used 2018
  • Set up with Dominant strings
  • Carbon Fiber  tailpiece
  • LR Baggs Violin Pickup
  • Ebony Perfection Pegs
  • 4/4 size only
  • Thomastik Dominant Violin Strings

Come by and try the violin out in our studio here at Keller Strings! Keller Strings is located near the intersection of St. Charles and S. Carrollton, in the Riverbend area.  Our address is 8209 Hampson St, New Orleans 70118.

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