Howard Core Model A40 Upright Bass 3/4 Size


Howard Core Model A40 Upright Bass 1/4 Size is a great quality & size for the small beginner! Fully laminated. Aged maple neck. Ebony fittings.

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Howard Core Model A40 Upright Bass 3/4 Size

This Bass (by association) won a Golden Globe and an Academy Award! You see, it was cast in the movie, Green Book! Howard Core Model A40 Upright Bass 3/4 size is a great value. The back and sides of the bass are fully laminated. The neck is made of aged maple. The bridge is also maple. The bridge has black height-adjusting wheels. Ebony fittings complete the bass. The fingerboard is made of ebony, as well as the tailpiece and end pin. Tailpiece is a violin model. This means it has a covered tail gut hole. End pin has a brass ring and screw, as well as a large rubber tip. Tune up your strings with the brass tuning machine.

About Howard Core:

“The Howard Core Company brands have attained a reputation for honest value and excellence. We have 40 employees, all with one goal – to continue to provide the best service and finest products available!”

Product Features:

      • Made by Core Academy 
      • Made in 2019
      • Fully laminated back and sides
      • Aged maple neck
      • Maple bridge with black height-adjusting wheels
      • Strings
      • Ebony fittings
        • Fingerboard
        • Violin model tailpiece (covered tail gut hole)
        • End pin with brass ring and screw, and large rubber tip
      • Brass tuning machine

Come by and try the bass out in our studio here at Keller Strings! Keller Strings is located near the intersection of St. Charles and S. Carrollton, in the Riverbend area.  Our address is 8209 Hampson St, New Orleans 70118. While you’re here, you can pick up any accessories you may need as well! We have accessories ranging from stands, strings, tuners, metronomes, rosin, and more!

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