Kremona Violin Pickup Model VV2


Kremona Violin Pickup Model VV-2 is a natural, detachable passive piezo pickup with volume control. Made of lightweight tone wood. Accepts 1/4″ cable.

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Kremona Violin Pickup Model VV2

Kremona Violin Pickup Model VV2 is a passive piezo pickup. This pickup features volume control! It has a built-in potentiometer that allows the player to adjust the sound level on the pickup itself. Install and detach this pickup within 5 minutes whenever desired. The jack attaches with clamps, similar to those on a chin-rest, to the side of the instrument. No need to worry about damaging your violin! The clamps are lined with soft cork to protect the instrument. Wedge the piece of wood, the sensor, into the eye of your bridge. Plug in with a 1/4″ cable and you’re ready to go! The jack is housed in lightweight tone wood to maintain the natural, acoustic tone of your violin.

Product Features:

  • Natural
  • Detachable
  • Passive piezo
  • Volume control knob
  • Encased in lightweight tone wood
  • Sensor installs in the eye of the bridge
  • Built-in potentiometer allows sound level adjustments from stage
  • Accepts 1/4″ cable

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