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Heinrich Theodor Heberlein Jr. 4/4 Violin


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Heinrich Theodor Heberlein Jr. 4/4 Violin

Heinrich Theodore Heberlein Jr. (1843-1910) was a German violin maker from the Vogtland region that straddles modern day Germany and the Czech Republic. He was the son of Carl August Heberlein (1805-1879) and the grandson of the founder of the family dynasty Johann Gottlob Heberlein (1782-1856). The Heberlein workshop was located in Markneukirchen. More than one dozen medals were awarded to him at various exhibitions in Europe.

Heberlein was especially known for his use of varnish to achieve an artistic effect, the quality of his wood, and the verisimilitude of his imitations of old masters, such as Stradivarius. According to writer and violinist William Henley, he produced, “Fine imitations of the old masters’ traits, all perfectly homogeneous, and particularly admirable are the warm tints of the different varnishes as well as his unique way of giving to them an old and well worn appearance. Quality of wood never varies, impossible to detect the smallest defect. Pre-eminently succeeded in imparting a splendidly clear tone, one without the slightest harshness.”

The Rudolph Wurlitzer Company of Cincinnati and Chicago was Heberlein’s main agent for many years, and in their catalogues, they would refer to him as “the greatest violin maker in Germany” with the “highest grades acknowledged to be the grandest tone instruments produced.”

This violin has the oval stamp on the inside of the back which states:  Heberlien.  The label also states that it was made in 1920. The top is fine mountain grown spruce with great detail given to arching and construction. There are no repaired cracks and it is in perfect condition. This Guarneri model and has been tonally adjusted by Keller Strings to get a fantastic sound.

This well-cared-for violin would do well in the hands of a very advanced student or professional player who wants a violin with powerful singing tone.

Product Features:

  • Made in Germany
  • c. 1910
  • Select European spruce soundboard
  • Highly flamed one-piece maple back & ribs
  • Ebony fittings – new Swiss Ebony with Ebony Pins
  • Ebony tailpiece with one fine tuner
  • Hand applied spirit varnish
  • Thomastik Peter Infeld Strings
  • Milo Stamm Ponticello Bridge
  • Measurements:
    • Corpus 35.7cm
    • Upper Bout 16.8cm
    • Middle Bout 10.7cm
    • Lower Bout 20.8cm
    • Overall 59cm

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