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The Keller Strings’ mission is to enhance and serve the musical community of New Orleans with unique access to a complete and full service orchestral stringed instrument shop, offering professional service and sales of violin family instruments. The local talent includes a variety of venues in Classical, Jazz, Bluegrass, and Cajun music. These experienced musicians place a high value on customer service and convenience while maintaining a combination of timeless charm and New Orleans’ laissez-faire sensibility. We believe in old fashioned customer service which is the foundation of Keller Strings, a boutique violin shop specializing in select European violin family instruments, bows, and accessories. We have been doing this for a long time and there is nothing we haven’t seen and no problem we cannot solve. You can call us experts, but we’re just happy to help. It is about finding you a handcrafted instrument (old or new) that your family will enjoy for generations.

Premium Selection of Violins, Violas, Cellos, Upright Basses, & Accessories

In addition to sales, repair & restoration services, Keller Strings offers rental of fractional and full-sized instruments, instruction, and appraisal. Our customer service extends to an online mission to bring the experience of the New Orleans’s Boutique Violin Shop by providing competitively priced e-Commerce as part of our web site. With an understanding of how social media involves our clients, an active Facebook page completes this growing niche business. Keller Strings knows that instruments are nothing without the people behind them. If there are two things we love most, it’s live music and being a part of the community that makes it happen. Because of its rich music history, deep culture, and passionate artistry, New Orleans provides us with the perfect backdrop for our beautiful, artisanal string instruments. Keller Strings has been nominated by the Louisiana Small Business Development Center for the 2014 SBA awards; Entrepreneurial Success Award and the Family Owned Business Award.

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