Cold Weather Can Crack Your Instrument!

The weather has been a little wild lately! Huge variations in temperature and humidity can be pretty detrimental to the instrument’s wood, so we wanted to give y’all a few tips about preventing damage to your instrument.

  1. Loosen the hair on your bow until slack
  2. Keep your instrument away from the floor, where it is coldest
  3. Do not leave instruments in a cold car (or in the car at all, for that matter!)
  4. Keep away from space heaters
  5. Try using humidifiers in your case or room! Special devices and humidifying packs can be found online or in our shop!
  6. Try letting the instrument acclimate to the temperature you’re playing in, and try not to transport your instrument between hot and cold environments too rapidly

We hope this helps! Stay safe and stay warm y’all!