At Keller Strings, we value our many talented instructors throughout the metropolitan area of New Orleans. We encourage our students to seek private lessons. We know that Music Education:

  • Sharpens student attentiveness
  • Equips students to be creative
  • Supports better study habits and self-esteem
  • Prepares the brain for achievement
  • Fosters superb working memory
  • Cultivates better thinking skills
  • Advances math achievement
  • Boosts reading and English language skills
  • Strengthens perseverance

Instructors offering virtual and in-person lessons:

(This is not inclusive of every instructor, and we will add as we obtain permission to present on our web site.)

Violin: Natalia Cascante –

Violin: Moises Cunha –, 706-621-8132

Violin: Madeline Hill –,

Violin: Matt Rhody –

Violin: Yuki Tanaka –

Violin: Clyde Thompson – 504-220-7433

Violin: Regine Montes-Barrow – 504-428-9533

Violin: Ben Thacher –,

Cello: Jennie Brent –, 203-887-3732

Cello: Kent Jensen –

Cello: Jeanne Jaubert –,, 504.430.8608

Cello: Garfield Moore –

Cello, Violin: Louisiana Academy of Performing Arts –

Cello: Tatiana Pino –

Violin, Viola: Amelia Clingman – 413.687.5399,

Violin, Viola: Rebecca Crenshaw –,

Violin, Viola:

Cello, Bass: Tori Lambert –

Bass: Nick Salcido –

Bass: Paul Macres –