Our Bow Rehair Workshop Returns!

We are offering our fantastic bow rehairing workshop again this summer! Just like learning to play an instrument, bow rehairing requires patience and practice. But, just like learning to play an instrument, the work is so rewarding! This is a craft best learned in-person; don’t miss your opportunity to learn this timeless process. Experience with small tools is not needed for this workshop, though helpful. We require our students to be 21 or older.

SATURDAY July 30th, August 6th & 13th
9:00am – 12:00Pm
This is one workshop for a total of 9 Hours plus one hour one-on-one with your instructor.
Attendance at each session is required for a successful experience.
Space is very limited so don’t delay!

140 W. Harrison Avenue
Keller Strings
New Orleans

Your tools & supplies are provided by Keller Strings and you will keep everything at the end of the workshop. There is a tool fee and a workshop fee due at time of enrollment.

Our dear bow rehair artisan, Paula Smith will be your instructor!