VSO Policy

As violin shaped object (VSO) as defined and recognized by Keller
Strings employee

  1. Normally purchased online through Amazon or other retailer (Not a violin shop.)
    As defined below:
    a. Included are non-ebony fittings on pegs (not properly fit), and fingerboard.
    Pegs of this type will slip or stick. Bridge is either uncut or cut poorly, leading
    to unplayability. Tuning adjusters’ poor quality (bent) so they stick or do not
    function. Soundpost down, crooked or too long or too short.
    b. In addition to these factors, there may be structural flaws which cannot be
    initially detected. Weak neck which will flex making the action high on
    fingerboard resulting in difficult playability. Weak bottom block not able to
    withstand string pressure.
  2. Repairs:
    a. A minimum of $50 will be charged for any VSO including violin, viola, and
    b. Keller Strings will apply this minimum charge to any labor costs incurred to
    make the instrument playable. For example: if the violin is presented for a
    soundpost reset ($20), an additional repair charge will be incurred to meet the
    $50 minimum.
    c. Normally, the VSOs require the minimum work to be done to make them
    playable. The following is an example for violin:
    1. Ebony Peg set minimum charge: $90
    2. Prelude String Set $29
    3. New Bridge $55
    4. Wittner tailpiece with built-in tuners $26
    5. New soundpost $40
    6. Total repair charge = $240