Carnival Season is here!

The holidays are wonderful, but here in New Orleans, we know where the real magic lies – Carnival Season! Mardi Gras is right around the corner and we’re ready for more fun, food, music, and most importantly, alllllll the king cake.

PLUS! We’re fully equipped to help musicians gear up for this busy season! Parking is scarce this time of year, and getting to gigs can be a real pain. Does your back or neck hurt from carrying your equipment to gigs? Come see us for some lightweight alternatives! Get a lightweight music stand, complete with a carrying bag. Switch out your old, hefty case for a modern, slim fiberglass version. We even carry Yamaha’s desktop amps, which are incredibly light AND battery powered! These amps have a lunchbox handle to tote around with ease, and pack a clean, loud punch.

Or treat yourself to a flashy new case to suit this yearly rambunctious celebration!