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Pernambuco Perfected: Savings on Bows for You! Starts Friday @ Keller Strings

Pernambuco Perfected:

Savings on Bows for You!

Bow makers call the heartwood from the Pau Brasil tree ‘Pernambuco’.

The significance of sound on your instrument is advanced by the finesse of your bow. This weekend it is all about the bow!  No carbon fiber,  carbon graphite, or composite material in this sales event!  Also available for order from our Online Shop during Sale Days.
Special Pricing on In-stock Bows
for Violin, Viola, Cello & Bass
Save up to 40%

Three days only:
Friday, November 17th
Saturday, November 18th
Sunday, November 19th

Sales Event Hours:
Friday & Saturday 10-4
Sunday Noon-4

Pernambuco bows made in Germany and Brazil

For private showing or more information, call 504-265-0530

View a sampling of our sale bows below!

 Manoel Francisco, maker since 1995, is without a doubt one of the premier bow makers in Brazil. Elegant finishing and complex craftsmanship are hallmarks of a Manoel Francisco bow. This is a special edition Villaume style bow. Silver tinsel winding, bone tip, lizard-leather thumb-grip. Frog is finished by bowmaker himself.

VIOLIN bow: 62g


Fourth generation German makers, Dörfler Master Bows exercise a maximum of influence to sound, purity, strength and polish of the tone. It is only the Dörfler Master Bow which enables the art of playing to be put into its true light. Model D022 Three Star Master Violin bow: sterling silver.

Violin Bow: 60g


Alfons Riedl is a German made, German Style Bass Bow with a strong but delicate stick. The new lined frog houses salt and pepper hair, which gives the bow more grit! The stick was made circa 1950, and weighs in at 136g $750. SALE $675.

BASS bow: 136g


 The Brazilian Bow makers from Atelier Casara work  under  Mr. Renato Casara’s personal supervision – he has been making bows since 1998. This significant Viola Bow features a round, pernambuco stick, a fully lined frog, with an abalone shell Parisian eye, 3 part button.

VIOLA Bow: 72g


Juliano Oliveira has worked as a bow maker for over 10 years. He is without a doubt an excellent example of the new  generation of Brazilian Bow makers. Aged Pernambuco wood; frogs crafted in Italy with fine finishing by the bow maker, proprietary frog styling, lizard-leather thumb-grip, goldfish slide, silver winding, bone tip, inlayed button.
CELLO Bow: 82g

Luan Ruy has worked as a bow maker since 2005. Perfect craftsmanship and clean work made his bows top quality among bow makers in Brazil. Aged Pernambuco wood; single-eye, half-mounted frog; bone tip, goat-leather thumb-grip, nickel-silver lapping.

Founded in Schonbach, Germany in 1887, the Hofner shop has consistently delivered a superior product. Their bows still bear the founder’s name – Karl Hofner. This Violin bow has an octagonal pernambuco stick with silver fittings. The ebony frog has a mother of pearl slide and a Parisian style eye, which is also mother of pearl.



Started by Alfred in 1932 the Knoll Bow making company has now spanned three generations of Knolls. Alfred Knoll Cello Bow 316C features a round, pernambuco stick, and is sterling silver mounted. The frog is ebony, with a large Parisian eye. The screw is three parts, sterling silver rings, ebony core, and abalone shell button.

CELLO Bow: 80.05g


Stunning Spruce & Magnificent Maple Finance Event Starts Friday!


Stunning Spruce & Magnificent Maple Finance Event Starts Friday!

Special Pricing on Select Cellos and Basses paired with
12 Months of No Interest Financing

Includes 1/4, 1/2, 3/4-sized Cellos In Store!

Friday, November 10th
Saturday, November 11th
Sunday, November 12th

Sales Event Hours:
Friday & Saturday 10-4
Sunday Noon-4

Affordable fresh arrivals of Basses and Cellos… just in time!

*Special No Interest Financing on our magnificent Cellos and Basses if paid in Fullwithin 12 months! Valid only on sale dates.

For private showing or more information, please call 504-265-0530

Come on in for your summer checkup!

Time for your summer checkup!

Have you and your student been considering the possibility of learning a stringed instrument?  The summertime is the best time to start preparing! Come in today to get sized for the instrument of your choice! Check out our rental services here.

& to all our existing customers – Come on in for a checkup! When’s the last time you had your instrument cleaned, or changed your strings, gotten a bow re-hair or a sound post adjustment? Don’t wait any longer!

Father’s Day Weekend Sale and Activities!

Join us for a Unique Father’s Day Outing!

Bring dad in for our bow rehairing demo on Saturday June 17th, 11a-2pm! While you’re here, take advantage of our weekend specials!

Get 10% off complete string sets in store and online June 16th-June 18th!

You will need THIS special code to receive the discount, fathersdaystringsale! Check out our selection of strings here!

Special pricing on entry level outfits for you or your student!*


Johannes Kohr K500 Violin (with Evah Pirazzi strings) // Carbon Fiber Violin Bow // Heritage Deluxe Challenger Violin Case

List $808 Our price $649

Novizio SU354 Violin // CFX Braided CF Violin Bow  // Courier Violin Case Moel 547 Case

List $758.99 Our price $609

Novizio SU03  // J. Remy Bow Brazilwood Violin Bow// Heritage Deluxe Challenger Case

List $668 Our price $535

Scherl & Roth R101E4 // CFX Braided Carbon Fiber with infused blue Violin Bow  // GEWA Bios Shaped Case

List $669 Our price $535

Ton Klar Herrman German Used Violin // Jacques Remy Model 2187F Pernambuco Violin Bow   // Metro Oblong Violin Case

List $1,074.95 Our price $859 


Yamaha Student 15″ Viola Outfit

List $865 Our price $699


Johannes Kohr Cello K515C //  Herman Luger Pernambuco Cello Bow  // Protec Deluxe Gig Bag

List $2,648 Our price $2,100 

Eligible for financing!

*Existing rental equity is not applicable to the purchase of these outfits.*

Bow Re-hairing Demonstration on June 17th!

Bow Re-hairing Demonstration on June 17th!

Saturday 17th 11:00am – 2:00pm 

Come watch Paula, our bow expert, in action while she re-hairs bows! She will go through the process step-by-step and describe the goings-ons to her audience. Refreshments will be provided for audience members to enjoy!


Anniversary Weekend: Celebrating 4 years here in New Orleans!

Anniversary Weekend: Celebrating 4 years here in New Orleans!

Yesterday, June 1st, was the first day we opened up shop in New Orleans back in 2013, and we want to take a minute to say thank you to all of our customers! We couldn’t have done it without you, and we certainly appreciate your business! Thank you for supporting local businesses, and we look forward to our future together!



‘Tis the season for gifting!

Keller Strings has all of your gift needs this end of school year season!

Graduates and Teachers deserve rewards for all their hard work!

Treat them with a gift certificate for strings, a bow rehair, or other accessories they may need!

Amplify your graduate with a violin or viola pickup with an amplifier!

Kremona VV-1 Pickup $89  / Kustom Sienna 35 Pro Amplifier $249 / Powerwerks Bluetooth 40 WATT PA $280

YEV 5 String Electric Violin $649  / YEV 4 String Electric Violin $595

ZT Lunchbox Amplifier $329  / ZT Lunchbox Amplifer Jr. $199

Prepare your graduate with a professional music stand for their upcoming gigs!

Peak Music Stand $37

Let them express their personality while securing their instrument in these fashionable cases!

Rockstar Revival Cello Case $599 / Tonarelli Fiberglass Violin Case (Purple) $219 

We have lots of string-themed items for sale as well, perfect for any occasion for the string player in your life!

It’s Festival Season here in New Orleans!

Festival Season is upon us! New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival is April 28th through May 7 this year and they’re hosting musicians Stevie Wonder, Dave Matthews, Harry Connick Jr., Kings of Leon, Alabama Shakes, Jon Batiste, The Meters, Aaron Neville, and so many more.

Did you know that we rent Upright Basses and Cellos? Save the hassle of traveling with your instrument and rent from us! If you anticipate needing an instrument, please contact us to reserve an instrument today! They go very quickly!

Learn more about our rentals here. Call us with any questions at 504-265-0530!

Bow Rehair Demo

Come by the shop on Saturday the 11th from 10:00am – 2:00pm for a Bow Rehair Demo! While you’re here, treat yourself to a delectable slice of Haydel’s Bakery King Cake!

Royal Mardi Gras Markdown Sale!

Royal Mardi Gras Markdown Sale!

Save $$$ on certain bows, cases, and instruments during our Royal Mardi Gras Markdown Sale! Visit our shop for the complete selection of sale items. Items on sale online include:

All Bulgarian made violins save at least 20%:

Kremona Studio Stradivari 1716 VP3 Model Violin

Kremona Studio Stradivari 1716 VP2 Model Violin featured picture

Dimitar Zarkov Violin = $3,500 $2,495

Dimitar Zarkov Violin featured picture

Kremona Studio Stradivari Oppenheim featured picture

Bam Artisto Violin Case = $574 $339

BAM Artisto Violin Case

PRO PAC Double Violin Case Front

Were you a Good Musician this Year?

Were you a good musician this year?

Perhaps you are looking for a gift for your teacher or student?

LED Music Stand Lights: $24.99
Everest Shoulder Rests in fun colors: $28
Holiday Note Cards: $10.95
Korg Tuner/Metronome Combo: $34.99

Kremona Violin Pickup with Volume Knob: $129
Violin Music Box with Case: $35.95
Ceramic Mug: $6.95
Peak Violin Stand: $19.95


Lothar Seifert **Cello Bow Lothar (b.1932 d.2015) came from a family of renowned musical instrument makers in the Kirchberg area of Germany. His father, Oskar, began making bows in 1924 and by 1932 had set up a work shop in Graslitz. Like so many refugees, the Seifert family was forced to re-locate after World War II. They had heard of a small village called Bubenreuth, whose mayor was spreading fliers among refugees calling for makers of musical instruments to settle in his town. Lothar opened his shop with a partner in Bubenreuth in 1950.

This gorgeous bow is sterling silver mounted with aged pernambuco. Bow is at least 20 years old.

Contact Keller Strings for pricing



Viktor Kereske, opus 65 Violinfrom Budapest, Hungary, made by the Master himself. Majestic in sound and stature, this violin has been played almost every day since it’s purchase in 2005! The spruce has a distinct even grain with no imperfections. The European maple is perfectly book-matched with a wide flaming. The varnish is golden brown with a patina as captivating as the tone.

This one will NOT be in the shop for long…
Contact Keller Strings for Pricing






Leopold Widhalm, Nurnberg, 1770. Widhalm (b. 1722, d. 1776) Leopold is considered to have been one of the best German lute and violin makers of his time. He modeled his instruments on Stainer, however original in many features. The arching is elegant with well-chosen wood that has withstood the test of time. In the early 1900’s, this violin was purchased from Gould @ Sons in Boston, and played in the New Hampshire Symphony.

For nearly 250 years, this violin has been well cared for and is a truly rare find.
Contact Keller Strings for Pricing.




Keller Strings has been a BAM France case dealer for over 20 years. We enjoy carrying their product lines because of their innovation in the case industry and the protection for your instrument. They may cost a little more however they are constructed with lasting materials and it is cheap insurance for your instrument! Stop by the shop or visit online for our selection of BAM violin cases.

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Keller Strings sells orchestral stringed instruments in all price ranges including bows, and cases. In addition, we sell electrics, shoulder rests, rosins, pickups, amplifiers, metronomes and tuners, strings, mutes, music stands, instrument stands, musical jewelry, ties, and cards. If you cannot decide on the perfect gift, purchase a gift certificate!

Best Wishes for a Wonderful Holiday and a prosperous New Year!