Don’t try this at home!

Sometimes better bows need to be de-warped (re-cambered). A magic old substance protects the wood from the heat!

Bow recamber

Get a Grip!

Get a grip! Wonderful old cello bow gets sterling silver winding with lizard. Do you know what is under the lizard grip? It is lead tape, used to add weight and bulk under the grip.

silver windingsterling with lizard grip

H Luger Master Cello Bow

Consider the Hermann Luger Pernambuco Cello Bow with Fleur de lis sterling mount – Hill model. Don’t let the looks deceive you – it also handles nicely! SOLD


Fleur De Lis Frog Fleur De Lis SlideFleur De Lis Button

Cello Bow by Friedrich Wunderlich, 1884, gets a new tip.

photo (4)photo (6)photo (7)

The bone tip is gently formed to the shape of this very delicate old German cello bow. It is glued securely with industrial glue and waxed cording. A small piece of leather is used to brace the winding. After the glue has dried, the final shaping is done to the exterior, and the hole for the mortise is carved to fit. The final bone tip is polished.


The majestic French violin, J.B. Collin-Mezin, 1887 – SOLD



Large and majestic tone, rich oil varnish, superb wood, and aged to perfection! By J.B. Collin-Mezin, Luthier a Paris. SOLD

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Currently in the shop…Instruments from Italy, Austria, Romania, China, France, Germany, Bulgaria, Czech Republic

Ivan Dunov Body Detail 2_MG_7688Dunov Scroll 3

Ivan Dunov Cello

Consider the lowly Tone Ball…

This strange orb can reside for decades or even centuries inside of an acoustic instrument. Some even believe it is what gives their beloved Violin, Viola, Cello or Bass Violin (or Upright Bass) its mellow rich tone.
It is actually the result of the vibrations inside of a well made acoustic instrument. The better the instrument, the tighter the ball. It is made up of lint and other debris that makes it’s way inside. The vibrations that create that beautiful sound coming out of that Strad hiding in your closet will gather the lint and cause it to travel in a specific pattern, creating the ball.
This one is from an old Cello and is about 70 years old. It is pretty tight meaning that the cello was built correctly. It is about 8/10ths in diameter.

tone ball

tone ball

European Style Violin Case

Austin 4/4 Electric Violin with case, bow, headphones and built-in pre-amp

VLE-5 Electric Violin Black (1)Just arrived! Austin Electric Violins in Black or Red. $449 includes case, bow, headphones. Solid wood body with pre-amp – Listen through the headphones with no AMP necessary! It has 1/8″ jacks on the back for Headphones, Output and Mic. This outfit will make a fantastic gift!

Meteny Violin by Pascal Gilis

Currently we have a special violin in the shop. We just received a very fine violin that was built by the Romanian maker Pascal Gilis. Now living in Brussels, this maker delivers an instrument that is an instant classic with the right look, feel and sound that will make it someones “forever” instrument. The tone is rich and even with an ability to produce volume at the touch of the bow. The a Asking price for this violin is $7,000.  SOLD