D Addario Helicore Cello Strings


D Addario Helicore Cello Strings  are crafted with a multi-stranded steel core, resulting in optimal playability while producing a clear, warm tone.


D Addario Helicore Cello Strings

D Addario Helicore Cello Strings are made with a multi-stranded steel core. The core results in playing ease. Helicores have a smaller string diameter than other strings. This rewards the player with quick bow response. Skilled workers make the strings with premium quality materials. Helicores are known for excellent pitch stability. They are also known for longevity. The strings work well for a wide variety of styles and instruments. Play it in orchestras, chamber groups, bluegrass bands, or jazz stands. Helicores produce a clear, warm tone.

Product Features:

  • Multi-stranded steel core
  • Optimal ease of playing
  • Clear, warm tone
  • Smaller string diameter
  • Quick bow response
  • Excellent pitch stability and longevity
  • Medium tension
  • Versatile string
  • All D’Addario strings are designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA.
  • They pass the most stringent quality controls in the industry

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