Realist Violin Soundclip


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Realist Violin Soundclip

Realist Violin Soundclip is an excellent pickup from the Realist company. It clamps directly to your instrument, meaning it can be easily removed or added at any time. The clamp that attaches to the side of the instrument to house the 1/4 inch jack can change the sound! Experiment with the tightness of this clamp to find what you like best. (Do NOT over tighten or let it hang too loose, as it may rattle.)

From Realist about their pickup:

The Realist SoundClip clamps easily onto your instrument without marking or damaging. Clamping allows it to be added to or removed from your violin, viola, cello or bass, at any time, without hassle. It’s great for those musicians looking for a temporary pick-up, but who do not want to sacrifice sound quality for convenience. 

The SoundClip sports features that are not found on any other pickup… The innovative variable weight system helps to contour tone, and it’s fully adaptable to all playing situations.

Product Features:

  • Clamps onto instrument
  • Take on and off with easy (not a permanent installment)

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