Core Conservatory Model C32 Cello


The CORE-C32 is an advancing-level cello from the Howard Core Company. This cello with well-seasoned European spruce top and well-flamed maple back & sides. Ebony pegs, endpin, Despiau “C” level Belgium Style bridge, and Glasser tailpiece with integrated tuners.




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Core Conservatory Model C32 Cello

Core Conservatory Model C32 is a student-level cello from the Howard Core Company. This cello is crafted with well-seasoned European spruce top, giving this instrument a focused yet sweet quality. The makers of this cello have spent significant time in carving and shaping the plates for improved acoustic response. Well-aged and flamed maple back & sides.

The C32 has a Belgian style Despiau Superieur One-Tree bridge, and a composite tailpiece with integrated tuners. From the scroll, outfitted with ebony pegs, all the way down to the ebony endpin, this cello reflects the high quality any student wishes for and deserves. This particular model is one of our outfits! Included with purchase is a “1088” cello bow, and a cc480 deluxe cello cover from Howard core!  Our outfits are the best way to save on your instrument and accessories.

Product Features:

  • European spruce top
  • Well-flamed maple back & sides
  • Ebony pegs
  • Despiau “C” level Belgium Style bridge
  • Glasser tailpiece with integrated tuners

Come by and try the cello out in our studio here at Keller Strings!

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