H Luger CA600 Viola 16.5″


H Luger Viola Outfit is a 15.5″ CA 500 model. This outfit comes with a ProPac Viola case as well as a Remy Advanced CF Bow! The viola is fully-hand carved with hand-applied varnish.

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H Luger Viola CA600 Outfit 16.5″

This particular H Luger Viola Outfit is a 16.5″ CA 600 model. The viola is a Stradivarius copy, with a fully hand-carved gorgeous flamed maple back, sides, and neck, with a spruce top, all with a hand-applied glowing spirit varnish. Fitted with Helicore strings, this viola features fantastic playability that compliments its  16.5″ frame. Additionally, its Parisian eye ebony pegs, Parisian eye end button, and ebony chin rest give this viola a very nice aesthetic that stands out against its vibrant red-orange varnish.

Product Features:

  • 16.5″
  • Stradivarius Model
  • Hand-applied varnish
  • Fully hand-carved
  • Helicore strings
  • Wittner tailpiece (4 fine-tuners)
  • Ebony chinrest
  • Ebony end button with Parisian eye
  • Ebony pegs with Parisian eye

Come by and try the viola out in our studio here at Keller Strings! Keller Strings is located at 140 W Harrison, New Orleans LA, 70124. Pick up any accessories you may need as well. We have accessories ranging from shoulder rests, stands, strings, tuners, rosin, and more!

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