Josephus Bosio Violin by Amber Strings


Novizio Violin by Amber Strings is a violin that’ll sell fast due to its great quality at an affordable price! Spruce top & maple back. Ebony appointments.

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Josephus Bosio Violin by Amber Strings

The Josephus Bosio Violin is a hand-crafted violin made by Amber Strings. The hand-crafted nature of this instrument means that there are no two violins that are alike! With a spruce top and a maple back, this violin is also fitted with boxwood heart-style pegs that match the boxwood end button at the opposite side of the instrument; an boxwood tail piece with a boxwood Guarneri-style chin rest make up the rest of the fittings. These boxwood fittings compliment the overall color of the violin extraordinarily well! Fitted with Dominant strings, a very versatile intermediate level strings!

Product Features:

  • Made by Amber Strings, Inc.
  • Spruce top
  • Maple back
  • Boxwood appointments
    • Heart-style pegs with eyelets
    • Boxwood tail piece
    • Boxwood Guarneri style chin rest
    • End button with eyelet
  • Great quality for the price

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