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Pops Bass Rosin

Pops Bass Rosin is one of the most popular bass rosins out there! It is well known for being ultra soft and ultra sticky, which results in a great grip. Due to its ultra soft consistency, it is recommended that you avoid extreme heat as it will melt. Keep strings and bows clean and out of heat as well. Pops Bass Rosin is a light, golden amber and is packaged in a soft wax paper cup inside its classic red flip top plastic container. It is made in Houston, Texas here in the USA. The cake will last the player a long time. Pops Bass Rosin is loved and endorsed by students, teachers, and professionals worldwide!

Product Features:

  • Most popular bass rosin
  • Comes in soft wax paper cup
  • Plastic cup with hinged lid
  • Light, golden amber
  • Ultra soft and sticky
  • Avoid exposure to intense heat
  • Made in Houston, TX, USA
  • Delivers an improved grip
  • Cake will last a long time
  • Endorsed by teachers, students, and orchestra professionals worldwide

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