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Revelle Raven Bass Bow, French Style


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Revelle Raven Bass Bow, French Style

Revelle Raven Bass Bow is a great fit for any bass player who is looking to move to a great intermediate level bow. This bow is 100% carbon fiber, specially designed to perform like a wooden bow. Reliable performance will allow the player to explore different sounds and tones. The bow also features a protective nickel tip and a fashionable red eyelet in the screw. Additionally, the hair is ethically sourced synthetic horse hair by a company named Coruss, making it highly resistant to changes in humidity and decay.

Product Features:

  • 100% Carbon fiber bow
  • Provides subtleties and sound values similar to that of a wooden bow
  • Reliable bow performance
  • Very durable synthetic horse hair
  • Good fit for intermediate to advanced players
  • Protective nickel tip
  • Revelle signature design
  • Red eyelet on screw

We encourage you to try the bow out in our studio here at Keller Strings if possible!  Since bows sound different on each instrument, we recommend bringing the instrument as well. Keller Strings is located at 140 W Harrison Ave, New Orleans LA, 70124!

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