W E Dorfler Cello Bow DO21


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W E Dorfler Cello Bow DO21

W E Dorfler Violin Bow D021 is a round pernambuco bow of very fine quality. The ebony frog has a Parisian eye and an abalone shell slide with a decorated stamped label above the frog. The 3 part screw has nickel silver rings, an ebony core, and an abalone shell button and a nickel silver mounting, and weighs 81 grams. Made in Germany.

About Dorfler Bows:

Egidius Dorfler made the master workshop to what it is today by means of perfection, extremely high quality standards and artistic intuition.
Today the Dorfler family of bowmakers is continuing this tradition into the fourth generation in Bubenreuth, Germany. Using finely aged wood
and decades of experience, Dorfler bows help produce the best sound, purity, strength and polish of the tone out of the instrument.

Product Features:

  • Made in Germany
  • Shape: Octagonal
  • Wood: Pernambuco 
  • Slide: Abalone shell 
  • Eye: Parisian eye 
  • Frog: Ebony 
  • Ferrule & heel plate: Nickel silver  
  • 3 part screw
    • Nickel silver rings
    • Ebony core
    • Abalone shell button

We encourage you to try the bow out in our studio here at Keller Strings if possible!  Since bows sound different on each instrument, we recommend bringing the instrument as well. Keller Strings is located at 140 W Harrison Ave, New Orleans LA, 70124. Pick up any accessories you may need as well. We have accessories ranging from shoulder rests, stands, strings, tuners, rosin, and more!

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