BonMusica Viola Shoulder Rest


BonMusica Viola Shoulder Rest is German designed & made. Versatile adjustments, like the unique shoulder “hook,” allow players to find their perfect fit.

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BonMusica Viola Shoulder Rest

BonMusica Viola Shoulder Rest is German designed and made. The defining feature of this shoulder rest is the padded base “hook.” The base hooks over the player’s shoulder to hold the instrument in place. The “hook” is adjustable, so it can accurately fit the curve of any player’s shoulder. Some shoulder rests feel as if they’ll slide off at any minute. With the BonMusica Viola Shoulder Rest, you can be certain that your viola will remain stable!

For the full effect of the shoulder rest, make sure it fits tightly to your shoulder and chest. This is possible due to the incredible versatility of the BonMusica Shoulder Rest. Not only can you adjust the hook to contour to your body, you can adjust the height, sideways slant, length, and span. The hook section itself has 3 different settings. Talk about customization! The settings accommodate for sloped or small shoulders, long or short upper bodies.

These settings greatly enhance the benefits of a shoulder rest. With a proper customization of the shoulder rest, players who use a Bon Musica shoulder rest will benefit from consistency in technique. They will relieve tension in their neck or shoulder. The Bon Musica Viola Shoulder rest will hold the viola in the correct angle, and keep it from drooping down. A proper posture makes techniques such as shifting and vibrato much easier!

Product Features:

  • German designed and made
  • Padded base shoulder “hook”
    • 3 different settings
    • Contours to player’s shoulder
    • Hooks instrument in place
  • Versatile customization to create perfect fit
  • Adjustable height, slant, length, and more
  • Works for left-handed players as well
  • Provides proper posture

To use the shoulder rest, turn your instrument over so you can see the back. Be careful not to put any pressure on the bridge. Slide the rubber feet of the shoulder rest onto the viola very carefully. The dip in the shoulder rest, the shorter end, should be under the chin-rest. Adjust position as necessary for comfort. If the shoulder rest is falling off easily, you may need to adjust the feet to a smaller width. Likewise, if the shoulder rest feels too tight, you may need to adjust the feet to a larger width.

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