Bow Hold Buddies Frog + Fish For Viola/Violin


Bow Hold Buddies Frog + Fish are a creative way to guide the beginner’s hands into the correct violin bow hold – instantly! One size fits all.


Bow Hold Buddies Frog + Fish For Viola/Violin

Bow Hold Buddies Frog + Fish “instantly positions and supports all the fingers of the bow hold to form a relaxed and effective bow hold.” The Frog and Fish are a creative way to guide the beginner’s hands into the right position.

The Frog is in charge of shaping the thumb and first finger. The Frog directs the thumb to its correct location between the frog and grip. It also leaves room for the thumb to bend and flex. The first finger lays to the left of the frog (from the player’s perspective). The frog is slanted to encourage a “leaning” hand. The bow hand should lean to the left. Learning the position of these two fingers are necessary for a good bow hold. A flexible thumb and the pressure of the first finger control volume, speed, and different bowing styles.

The space between the frog and the fish guide the second and third fingers to wrap around the stick. With this guidance, they lay opposite the thumb. The Fish helps the pinky find its delicate balance at the end of the bow. The very tip of the pink must rest on the top of the bow, which is generally very hard to control at first. The Fish is a perfect marker to make this task easier! The spacing of the fingers provides excellent balance across the hand, preventing tension.

The product can be easily adjusted for different sizes. Simply slide the accessory across the stick (with the help of a teacher) to find the right location to fit your hands.

Bow Hold Buddies Frog and Fish help the beginner through the idea of muscle memory. The more consistently the beginner practices and uses the accessory, the more the hand will naturally find that position. Eventually, the hand will be able to find the position on its own! Imagine the thrill the student will receive by producing a good sound with the bow on the first or second try!

From Things 4 Strings:

“(Bow Hold Buddies Frog and Fish were)… invented by American String Teachers Association honored studio teachers, are teacher designed, tested and approved.” 

Product Features:

  • Positions and supports all the right hand fingers
  • Fingers still contact the bow itself
  • Places fingers in the correct places
  • Shapes hand to prevent tension
  • Ages 3 to Adult
  • All bow sizes
  • Made in the USA
  • Manufactured of the finest medical grade silicone rubber
  • No latex allergy concerns
  • Durable and Dishwasher safe
  • Comes in: bright blue, classic gray, concert black, sparkly pink, or purple raspberry
    • These colors are not always available in store. Always call us (504-265-0530) to see what’s immediately available! However, if you have your heart set on a color we don’t have in stock, we can always place an order for you ASAP!

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