Rockin Rosin


Rockin Rosin comes in all sorts of shapes! From frogs to dogs, to stars and moons, Rockin Rosin has a simple and natural formula of tree sap and beeswax.


Rockin Rosin

Rockin Rosin is a company dedicated to making rosin fun and personable! Does your little string player have a favorite animal? Do they like cats or dogs? Do they have a favorite food? Like pizza? Rockin’ Rosin comes in all sorts of shapes! Your kids will always crack a smile when prepping to practice!

Rockin Rosin, like all rosin, is made of tree sap. Their raw materials are sustainably harvested in the USA. They add locally collected beeswax to make it more stable. They state, “we keep it simple and natural.”

*Different shapes are available at different times here at Keller Strings. Always call us (504-265-0530) to see what’s immediately available! If you see one you love and it’s not in the store, we’ll place an order for you!*

Product Features:

  • Fun shapes ranging from frogs, cats, to pizza and ice cream!
  • Tree sap with beeswax for stability
  • Simple & natural

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Dog, Star of David, Cat, Shamrock, Gingerbread Man, Pizza, Christmas Tree, Snowman, Zombie, Skull, Horse