KNA Violin/Viola Pickup Model VV-3V


Kremona Violin Pickup Model VV-3V has a sensor encased in lightweight tone wood. Attaches to the bridge. Solid wood input jack housing. Detachable. Includes volume control.

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KNA Violin/Viola Pickup Model VV-3V

KNA Violin Pickup Model VV3 is a pickup with deluxe solid wood jack housing. Installation is virtually effortless! Two clamps, similar to those on a chinrest, attach the jack to the side of the instrument. The clamps and feet are lined with soft cork to protect the instrument. Wedge the small piece of wood, the sensor, into the eye of the bridge. Can be used for viola as well. 1/4″ jack. This particular version of KNA’s violin pickup features a very convenient volume control knob.

Product Features:

  • Volume control
  • Deluxe solid wood jack housing
  • Sensor installs easily into the eye of the bridge
  • Lined with soft, protective cork
  • Detachable and portable
  • Accepts 1/4″ cable jack

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