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Novizio Advanced Student 4/4 Cello Model SU521


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Novizio Advanced Student 4/4 Cello Model SU521

This handcrafted cello is made of solid wood. It resonates with gorgeous, deep tone. This would make an excellent instrument for any student looking to step up their game or an excellent back up for a professional player.

For decades the Sheng family has been known throughout China for being highly distinguished musicians and instrument makers who take great pride in their craft. In the 1980’s, Zhonglon Sheng and his three brothers opened their own luthier workshop. The Sheng family combines their rich history of professional playing and accolades with their craftsmanship to manufacture instruments where science and artistry converge to produce masterful works of art. Today, Zhonglon’s niece Roxane and her husband Yao, along with their team, carry on that tradition with Amber Strings. Bringing these beautifully crafted instruments directly to you. To quote Zhonglong,

“Trying to achieve the best you can has been in our blood.”

This is Amber Strings promise to you, to bring the highest quality in sound and craftsmanship along with outstanding customer service.


Product Features:

  • Handcrafted
  • Well-aged, figured, and flamed tonewoods
  • Premium ebony fittings and accessories
  • Parisian eye pegs
  • Warm, hand-rubbed oil varnish
  • Slight antiquing
  • Deep, resonant sound
  • Ease of playability

Come by and try the cello out in our studio here at Keller Strings! Keller Strings is located at 140 W Harrison Ave, New Orleans, LA 70124. Pick up any accessories, like rosin, shoulder rests, stands, and more while you’re here!

With the purchase of a case and bow, you will receive 10% off the entire “outfit.” An outfit is an instrument, gig bag/case, and bow. Choose from our selection of cases. (Look at our selection online here.) Try out our bows, which range from Pernambuco to carbon fiber. (Look at our selection online here.) Find one that fits your playing style and needs!

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