Pedi Elegante Titanium Violin/Viola Shoulder Rest


Pedi Elegante Titanium Violin Shoulder Rest is made of a thin carbon construction &  titanium hardware. Allows max tonal projection! Incredibly lightweight.


Pedi Elegante Titanium Violin/Viola Shoulder Rest

Pedi Elegante Titanium Shoulder Rest is made of an ultra thin carbon construction and titanium hardware. It was designed to allow instruments to project. This shoulder rest is incredibly lightweight! The feet of the shoulder rest make minimum contact with the instrument. The less the shoulder rest touches your instrument, the more it can project.  These two features significantly reduce any negative effects on the instrument. Some shoulder rests can take away from the natural volume of an instrument, due to their weight and contact to the instrument. Instead, this shoulder rest significantly increases the harmonics. Now, the instrument can reach its maximum tonal projection! The shoulder rest has an ergonomic design. It has a multi-layer padding for great comfort and stability. We carry both a violin and viola version!

Product Features:

  • One of the sleekest and lightest shoulder rests
  • 0.13 lbs
  • Ultra thin carbon construction
  • Light titanium hardware
  • Multi-layer padding
  • Comfort
  • Stability
  • Adjustable feet width (up to 210 mm)
  • Minimum contact to instrument
    • Maximum tonal projection

Shoulder rests add height to the violin, as well as prevents the instrument from slipping. This prevents tension in the neck. Shoulder rests also make techniques such as shifting and vibrato much easier.

To use the shoulder rest, turn your instrument over so you can see the back. Be careful not to put any pressure on the bridge. Slide the rubber feet of the shoulder rest onto the violin very carefully. The dip in the shoulder rest, the shorter end, should be under the chin-rest. Adjust position as necessary for comfort. If the shoulder rest is falling off easily, you may need to adjust the feet to a smaller width. Likewise, if the shoulder rest feels too tight, you may need to adjust the feet to a larger width.

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