Viva La Musica Arist Viola Shoulder Rest


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Viva La Musica Artist Viola Shoulder Rest

Viva La Musica Artist Viola Shoulder Rest is an incredibly aesthetic product made of fine quality walnut, with dark varnish.  Featuring gold plated adjustable end members with black feet, the is a great range of possible heights. You can adjust the feet to the width of the instrument.  The 360° circular lateral adjustment is patented.  The adjust-ability of this shoulder rest can fit most full-sized violas!

Product Features:

  • Beautifully flamed walnut
  • Dark Varnish
  • Complimentary gold fittings
  • Lightweight
  • Minimized contact with instrument
  • Height adjustment
  • Adjust feet to width of instrument
  • 360° lateral circular adjustment

Shoulder rests add height to the violin, as well as prevents the instrument from slipping. This prevents tension in the neck. Shoulder rests also make techniques such as shifting and vibrato much easier.

To use the shoulder rest,  turn your instrument over so you can see the back. Be careful not to put any pressure on the bridge. Slide the rubber feet of the shoulder rest onto the violin very carefully. The dip in the shoulder rest, the shorter end, should be under the chin-rest. Adjust position as necessary for comfort. If the shoulder rest is falling off easily, you may need to adjust the feet to a smaller width. Likewise, if the shoulder rest feels too tight, you may need to adjust the feet to a larger width.

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